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Sunset Vows
A Cozy Wedding Reception at Marini Seaside

Have you been dreaming of a beach wedding since you can remember yourself? You can celebrate love's beautiful journey with a wedding reception at our seaside hotel, where romance dances on the island sand. Picture a cozy haven embraced by the gentle whispers of the sea, offering an intimate setting for your special day.

Our warm and friendly space welcomes you to a celebration that feels like a cherished gathering of friends. As the sun sets over the golden sands, our waterfront terrace becomes a canvas for your love story. Share laughter and joy with your family and friends under the soft glow of fairy lights, and enjoy your first meal as Mr and Mrs.

Our specially curated menu is designed to please every palate, ensuring a delightful feast for your guests. From the first toast to the last dance, our team is dedicated to crafting a wedding reception that echoes love and heartfelt connections.

Make your Greek island wedding day more than a moment: may the memories created here be the foundation of a love story that continues to blossom!