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Boat & Yacht Rentals
Sail into Luxury and Freedom!

Boat & Yacht Rentals

Boat Rentals: Captain Your Own Voyage

Chart your cruise with or without skipper and explore the azure waters of the Aegean. Whether you seek a tranquil cruise overlooking Faliraki beach, an early morning fishing expedition, or visiting hidden coves and secluded beaches, our fleet awaits to fulfill your maritime desires and help you create unforgettable memories on the open sea.

Yacht Escapes: A dream come true

Indulge in the ultimate seafaring experience with our yacht rentals, where luxury meets the gentle rhythm of the waves. Sail along the island coast in style, sipping champagne as the sun sets over the horizon. Our private yacht charters offer an exclusive escape, promising an experience as grand as the boundless sea.

Luxurious Rooms
Junior Suite

Welcome to our Junior Suite, where luxury meets comfort and serenity.

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Junior Suite with Side Sea View

Welcome to our Junior Suite with Side Sea View and enjoy panoramic sea-views, completing the perfect Greek summer retreat.

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Best Offers
Spring Offer 2024

Spring Offer 2024!

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Marini Seaside Loyalty Club

Marini Seaside Loyalty Club!

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Book Directly & Enjoy Free Upgrade to Breakfast

Book Directly & Enjoy Free Upgrade to Breakfast!

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